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Wassup? I am Babyg, but the formal way to address me is by name; DorMiya Vance. I curated this site for people to learn who I am and what I do quickly and easily. 


My vision is to transform the media and journalism world while being professional with my style. I am creating a new reporting/writing style tailor-made for the Black Community. 

I promote indie artists' music, companies' products, and services by developing artist write-ups, social media posts, (some) marketing materials, and other platforms. I curate both written and verbal media for both private and public consumption. 

For the community, I plan,  coordinate, and revise material for publications in various local blogs and local newspapers. I write and review all story ideas and decide what material will appeal most to readers. During the review process, I offered comments to improve the product. I allow artists and creators to contribute to pieces to add an extra sprinkle of originality to my work. 



My services expand to indie artists in Fayetteville, NC, exclusively, but I am no stranger to outside indie communities. 

My work aims to establish eyes on the next artists that achieve the next level of musicianship in their careers. Artists need someone to tell their stories and capture the authentic moments they create in their home communities. 

My work is not limited to the indie music community. I am genuinely invested in creating awareness for my people who suffer from unequal treatment and inadequate resources to better our communities. 

As a Black, Female journalist, it is my mission to create a voice for people similar to myself and beyond. The city is full of people who talk about doing "something," as I enter this career in journalism, I aspire to find out who's truly doing "something" for the city, the community, and our people!



Her writing is excellent; you have no choice but to read it. She makes the reader visualize what's going. In Her writing, you see how the system belittles us when it comes to the wrong that is done to the Black community. 



I love her writing. I like how she compares and contrasts events from the past to what is currently happening in today's generations. Her talent is good forreal. 



Her information is always excellent. I love hearing her voice in her writing. She incorporates good leads, good inverted pyramids, and great quotes in addition to pictures really help her curate fantastic stories.