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A valedictorian graduate of Goldsboro High School in Goldsboro, North Carolina, DorMiya 'Babyg' Vance is a high achiever committed to pursuing a career in journalism. Currently enrolled as a senior in Fayetteville State University's Communications program, she is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Media Studies, emphasizing culture journalism. She has a passion for telling stories and looks forward to sharing her knowledge of this topic with the next generation of writers as she enters the field of journalism and begins working as a culture journalist.

Babyg currently serves as Fayetteville State's Editor-in-Chief for the student newspaper (The Voice), where she set an example for other students following in her footsteps. She finds this work very rewarding and considers it a wonderful experience that will help prepare her for her future career. DorMiya served as a writer and section editor during her college school years, assisting students with their articles, headlines, and structure. She is also the Editor-in-Chief and CEO of a local media blog. BabyTalkTV, LLC, serves the community as a local journalism and media source. DorMiya's role as CEO allows her to participate in various service projects throughout the community.

'As a Black, Female journalist, it is my mission to create a voice for Black women similar to myself and beyond in the field of media.'

Babyg knew from an early age that she wanted to work as a journalist. She loved what it felt like telling and writing stories from the moment she set foot in the classroom. She has loved every minute of her time in school, from exploring new topics to building strong academic skills and collaboration with other students. Participating in journalism is something she is genuinely passionate about. She cannot wait to inspire a love of writing in her peers, family, and community.

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DorMiya "BABYG" Vance



Her writing is excellent; you have no choice but to read it. She makes the reader visualize what's going. In Her writing, you see how the system belittles us when it comes to the wrong that is done to the Black community. 



I love her writing. I like how she compares and contrasts events from the past to what is currently happening in today's generations. Her talent is good forreal. 



Her information is always excellent. I love hearing her voice in her writing. She incorporates good leads, good inverted pyramids, and great quotes in addition to pictures really help her curate fantastic stories.   


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