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BRICK! gives a song that sounds before its time. This song is centered on concepts of monogamy and polygamy. He sings about his experiences with women at the start of the “talking stage.” The realism in his lyricism captures what it’s really like in the dating world. The visual goes back and forth between the two women he can’t seem to stay away from. The video also emphasizes how “monogamy is a concept,” as you see, BRICK! embodying the nature of dating multiple women and how hard it can be. This song explores messages of relationships and what is truly “ideal” for each person. The vibe is very soulful, with undertones of classic rock as you hear his vocals over the song's duration. The visual comes in clean and constantly grabs the listener with each scene transition. BRICK! is an artist to give us summer times bops with a heartfelt message after hearing this joint. 

cb beatz


It’s the 919 for me. Goldsboro has been one of the most slept on cities in NC. Known for his producing and beat-making CB Beatz really is tapping into the culture of The Boro. This cypher-style introduction grabs the listener and gives them insight into how creative CB is as a newer artist and producer. The aesthetic of the visual is very clean and truly elevates the lyricism heard in the track. CB mentions that he’s inspired to be one of the illest MCs in the game because Hip Hop greats like Ghostface Killa and J Dilla. His flow is definitely worth diving deeper into to achieve true versatility in this game. CB Beatz raps about life and what he can do as a producer. This element of surprise gives the city to watch for as well as something worth listening to you.

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First things first, sis came on the track with nothing but straight energy. WhoRoman is not one of them when it comes to laying down hard, aggressive bars. This song is definitely a song you play when it’s time to get disrespectful. Lyrically, WhoRoman can easily switch up flows while maintaining the same energy through the track. The visual is straightforward, concentrating solely on making sis stand out from the rest. The wordplay and cadence used are reminiscent of the drill/crunk genre of rap becoming more prevalent in today’s era of Hip Hop. Turn this one up all summer, fasho if you wanna do it for The Culture. 



From the Boro to the world, Mikey Wang Lavish can say he’s the best outta Goldsboro, NC. This new drop tells the story of The Wang and his experiences in The Boro. Giving his last to others turned into The Wang dealing with himself because he was chosen. Chosen to rep The Boro and chosen to spread that culture to The Ville, fasho. “No Reason” addresses The Wang’s lifestyle where he is the star of the show and the music speaks for itself. The Wang is truly lavish and really stood out with this one, a vibe for a cookout or a kickback situation.





“My black queen, black queen” this song is for you. Lil Yellow created a song and a visual that captures the essence of the Black woman. Lil Yellow taps into the stereotypes around the Balck woman but talks highly about the women in this community. Aniyé did not go unnoticed; she sings from her perspective as a Black woman. She encourages Black women to be confident, beautiful, and Black. This song is such a vibe for a chill setting or a cookout.