Clayton County Sheriff Convicted, Retires While Awaiting Sentence

Recently convicted and retired Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill (WSB)

On October 26th, Suspended Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill was found guilty of using unreasonable force against pre-trial detainees, violating their civil rights.

The trial lasted around two weeks, but the guilty verdict came after four days of jury deliberations and a week's worth of testimony from witnesses in the case.

Hill was found guilty on six out of the seven counts of abuse towards the detainees.

Prosecutors say Hill unnecessarily strapped detainees to a restraint chair for four or more hours as a punishment, resulting in detainee injuries like scars and cuts.

Hill's lawyers claimed the suspended sheriff's actions were legal and legitimate.

Hill was found not guilty in another trial of several felony counts, including racketeering and violating his oath of office nearly a decade ago.

The now-convicted sheriff filed for retirement last week, and 11 Alive reports the paperwork was approved (last) Wednesday.

Local trial lawyer, Tom Church, went to Twitter after the conviction. Church believes that sentencing for Hill could come before the year is out.