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Supporters of FuriousTV Friday in NuVo Lounge

RALEIGH, NC -- Last night, NC independent artists had yet another chance to showcase their skills behind the mic at the FuciousTV Friday Showcase. This showcase presented eleven up-and-coming artists out of areas like Durham, Raleigh, and Lumberton, to name a few.

Hosted by Raleigh, NC music and entertainment blog, FuciousTV, these artists left it all on the Nuvo Lounge stage after this event.

The FuciousTV Friday Showcases have been around for three years and counting. Montel Baines, one of the minds behind FuciousTV, created this opportunity for newer artists as a way to provide "a platform for people to be seen and heard [in local NC areas]."

Out of the eleven artists to touch the stage, Get Rich Zay, 730 Joe, GlockBoy LA, and Southside Heat were the headlining acts to dominate among these talented individuals.

$eem To$

This showcase included a couple of unfamiliar names with immense talent among the other seven artists like Lumberton lyricist, $eem To$, and Raleigh's own Koolaid Babiii.

"[Coimg out of Lumberton] There's a lot of poverty, but it's gonna get better, man. We got a lot of talent coming out of there," $eem To$ expressed.

Artists from the Triangle area bring a newer and more boastful sound to the local Hip Hop/Rap music scene. Performances from Kasim, Cheat Haam, Only 1 Vic, Lil Swag, and G Pe$o 1300 allowed the natives and newcomers to experience a new world of music and culture.

Some of the night's top performances came from Kasim, Southside Heat, and Get Rich Zay. The crowd flooded the floor while these natives gave supporters a show.

Southside Heat gave the audience an authentic dirty south vibe for the night. The Raleigh native performed one of his top hits, "Resident." This track vividly depicts Southside's life experiences while maintaining that authentic Carolina sound.

Southside Heat

"The south side where I'm from, we country...we got the dirty slang. The rappers I listened to [growing up], I go off that. What I rap, it deals with real life. It deals with struggles. It deals with drugs, violence, and all that," Southside Heat explained.

Get Rich Zay

At the close of the showcase, Get Rich Zay took the crowd's momentum and gave his supporters a high-energy performance. The Durham rapper performed "Crashed On," a fan favorite from his album Brunilda and his viral hit "Law & Order," which samples the forever familiar Law & Order theme music.

FuciousTV Friday encourages local artists across the Carolinas to get out and let their music be heard.

"My role is just to highlight the people that's really putting on. I feel like, before Fucious, people really didn't have a platform to see who's coming outta NC or who's hot in NC," Baines expressed.

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