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Updated: May 12, 2021

COVID culture has been truly mesmerizing over the course of 2020. Amid this chaos, drug makers are powering full steam ahead in order to achieve a COVID-19 vaccine. Nine companies have made it their mission to adhere to “high ethical standards and sound scientific principles” in the midst of this current political climate and presidential pressure according to Huffington Post.

AstraZeneca Plc, BioNTech SE, GlaxoSmithKline Plc, Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co., Moderna Inc., Novavax Inc., Pfizer Inc., and Sanofi are nine companies in the race that released the agreement to find a vaccine.

“We believe this pledge will help ensure public confidence in the rigorous scientific and regulatory process by which COVID-19 vaccines are evaluated and may ultimately be approved,” according to the letter than was released earlier this week on Tuesday, as reported by Huffington Post.

This vaccine not only has the power to change the lives of those at risk, but this vaccine has the potential to change college life including those here on FSU’s campus.

Brittany Doss, FSU student, said “When I think of a vaccine for COVID-19, I am hopeful for the future. Having a vaccine could save lives as we increase our chances of being able to fight off this deadly virus. I can see the possibility of it becoming a required vaccination due to our current experiences. I think it could make the community feel safer as we hope to regain our sense of normalcy.”

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