K.H.A.O.$ debuts his first full-length album entitled "Maybe Sum Friday"

The BTTV music review is in y'all!

K.H.A.O.$ is back with his latest project, "Maybe Sum Friday."

The ten-song album speaks true to this artist's three-year run in the game so far. This artist's debut album emphasizes the Black experience. The opening track sparks hope and sets up the storyline for the rest of the project. Songs like "7132" and "Secure Da Bag" give insight into the real-life story of K.H.A.O.$ and many others within the Black community.

This project has some crazy productions that provide depth to the lyrism and vivid storytelling K.H.A.O.$ has presented. "Maybe Sum Friday" does not go without some bops. Songs like "Our Luv Is," featuring Supremacy, and "Casino," give the flare that balances the real with the raw.

"Savages" stands out on the album, though. The rock-style song featuring BF Monster focuses on the raw vibe introduced early in the project. From the heartfelt, anecdotal opening to the soulful, cipher-like closing, K.H.A.O.$ is an artist to watch heading towards next year.