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"Kings Of Our Culture" Event covered by the g.

DBE Choppin' It Up.

Black men, believe it or not, are the backbone of what many people nowadays would call "America." The Black man has endured trials and tribulations dating back to the times of slavery and beyond. The Black man manages all types of adversaries, starting from life at home, continuing onto the systematic workforce, and ultimately society. The Black man is rooted in culture and excellence, which were the two elements highlighted at the "Kings Of Our Culture" event in Fayetteville, NC.

A.G.A.M.E, Lizzie Yayo, & Ty No Lie

This event was full of great energy and honorary men and women. There were so many heavy hitters and influential people coming to show love to each and every person. "Kings Of Our Culture" featured performances and acts from various local and upcoming talent, including 15-year-old Paidway and female rap artist Lizzie Yayo. They really set the tone for the others hitting the stage.

Paidway dd Rockin' The Stage

The event in itself was a vibe. The gathering of our people, in a peaceful and celebratory way, is always worth the exposure! The most important part of the night was honoring and crowning the great Black and Brown men in the NineDime. The 5 men honored and crowned as Kings were CARTERj, Keem Jones, Busta Brown, 3D Straw, and LatinLuneyTunez.

As each of these great men of color showed nothing but appreciation, LatinLuneyTunez, one of the first men crowned, took the momentous occasion as a heavy accomplishment in his career.

"It means a lot, it means a whole lot forreal forreal because I didn't do anything I've did for any recognition. I always did it out of the goodness of my heart."

LatinLuneyTunez After Being Crowned

LatinLuneyTunez, along with the other honorees, expressed their gratitude to everyone in attendance with live performances and good old fashion eatin'. The 2-6 came together, yet again, to show love to those making a difference for the community, opening doors for the next generation of musicians, influencers, and hustlers! Fayetteville is THE city where people like these great men are bred and pushed to be great, as they have proved over time! So, what does The Ville have planned next? Get tapped in with BTTV to see who will create the next opportunity for creators, influencers, and musicians alike.