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"There's no such thing as luck. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity" - AMY HEMPEL

The 2-6 community is no stranger to what's hot or not in the fashion industry nowadays. Fashion designers are in more demand now than they ever were before. Why? Why is fashion, or style, becoming more and more of a thing now?

People want to create a name for themselves and create a lasting image for their audiences to receive. People want to look different while curating an original, stylish appearance. The more fashion becomes a demand, the more people would like to become a part of some larger than themselves, just like Miami native Frankie Baker.

Now know as Frankie Designer, Frankie grew up around the summertime, bright Floridian vibes, and took notice early on that he would be something bigger and better than what life had dealt him. Bringing his new and distinct style was a big move for this young fashion designer. During the pandemic that "stopped" the world, establishing the Frankie Designer Clothing Co. had to be a significant achievement for Frankie and his team. Taking the bright colors from the Miami culture and implementing of-the-dome quotes, Frankie has set himself apart from other local designers in The Ville.

"When I see people wearing my stuff, I like to see them wearing it differently."

Color is the most eminent way Frankie uses to push his brand and to further his audience. Because he uses colors that "you don't see all the time," Frankie motivates his customers to be genuinely authentic and original through clothing. Even though The Ville moves slower than the fast-lane city of Miami, the Frankie Designer Clothing Co. is still a massive success in this area and beyond.

As Frankie is a man of many words, he uses his gift of on-the-spot quotes in his clothing. His quotes stand for more than words on a shirt. His quotes "Destroy The World, Save Yourself" and "Loyalty Never Dies" present an underlying message, and Frankie's values are as a Black man.

"People in the world want you to always be about them. It's always 'help me, help me, help me,' but you can't even help yourself."

As a Black man, Frankie holds loyalty near and dear as one of his core values, hence his latter quote. Both of these sayings resonate well with 2-6 communities even though Frankie may quickly come up with some fye.

"Sometimes I just think of a saying, and I just be like 'yo that shit sounds lit, I should put it on a shirt'"

A true creative in the Fayetteville area, Franke Designer, has taken risks to succeed in the fashion industry. From traveling state to state with his merch in hand to now doing a pop-up shop every Saturday in our local mall, Frankie Designer has set a real example of doing what you have to do until you can do what you want to do! Though he is still growing his brand, Frankie looks forward to giving back to those around him who may have experienced the same hardships as himself.

"I feel like the only way that a person's life is worth it is if you can impact other people's lives."

The Frankie Designer Clothing Co. aims to help give back to the community very soon and wants other local clothing brands to be aware of what's to come in this industry. Taking the time to prepare, be versatile within your brand, and tell a story is crucial to success in fashion endeavors. To know more about Frankie Designer and the Frankie Designer Clothing Co., visit his website here!

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