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The city of Fayetteville is no stranger to indie music and the creators within its community. The Ville is known for the talent and legendary musicianship with heavy hitters like J. Cole and the recent Hip Hop discovery, Morray. No Streets ENT and Street Execs put together a four-day event in various indie hotspots in North Carolina, including Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, and, of course, The 2-6!

DjESudd created opportunities for all indie artists to highlight their skills on the mic by playing the hardest songs from their catalogs. DjESudd ended the four-day media run in the NineDime with performances from Lexbands out of Durham, Stoney J out of the 252, Everday Sunny from the A, and Lil Bruh holding it down for The Ville area. With all the artists showing love last Wednesday, you can say that the 2-6 is the city where love will always be shown whether you rap, design clothes, or a just a solid shooter.

The last night of DjESudd's Media Run featured a motivational performance from the ATL barber turned rapper, Everyday Sunny. Performing his radio hit "Hammer time', Sunny took inspiration from all the determined artists who dared to hit the "stage" at ROP Studios.

Man, it's crazy; I ain't expect none of this to be like this. [it] Definitely opened my eyes to a lot of different things. And everybody that came out was definitely talented; I almost thought I wasn't ready for it.

Throughout the Run, Sunny acknowledged the difference between the music communities in Atlanta and Fayetteville, and surrounding cities.

The only difference is, it's more tight-knit. It's more family oriented. There's more love in it. More so in Atlanta, it's like a bunch of vultures. It's a lot of talent in Atlanta, so everybody is trying to get to the top, so it's not too much unity in it. So this right here was a lot of unity and a lot of people that enjoyed other people's music and, you know, gave props.

The Ville came together to present its talent, something that seemed unfamiliar to Sunny and his experience with musicianship in ATL. Coming to NC created an excellent experience for Sunny and his team and the growing artists and DJs in attendance. Sunny's live performance of "Hammer Time" was energetic, clean, and genuinely inspiring. Sunny's journey from being a barter down in GA to, now, doing what he loves and making music that reaches audiences damn near everywhere sparked a lot of opportunities for a lot of individuals in the studio that night.

The barber is usually so close to the community, from people's children to their parents. Basically, when you're the barber, you are the community. I meet a lot of people; I sit and talk to different people, so being the barber that I am, it opened a lot of different doors. I met a lot of different celebrities, actors, business owners, executives, and CEOs. From the street hustler to the working man, I interact with a lot of people, so with barbers, we not rich in money; we are rich in people. Barbering and music go hand-in-hand because your favorite artist needs a cut, or your favorite actress needs her hair done, so you know the hair industry and the entertainment industry are tied in together. A lot of people around me were like, 'yo man, I think you should do music. You pretty good', so my community and my people, they built my confidence, and now I'm here today.

Sunny was only one of the many artists who came and blessed the stage at ROP Studios right here in The Ville! Fayetteville is a community full of love, culture, and growth for and built by creatives. DjESudd's Media Run was only a tiny snippet of what NC offers the indie music culture. Fayetteville is the city for the next groundbreaking artist, so tap in with the NineDime to see who will create the next opportunity for creators and musicians alike.

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