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Mouthin’ Out Podcast Receives Five Award Nominations for “Podcast of The Year”

Adrian Nyce (right) with guest

Charlotte, NC-based podcaster and host Adrian Nyce has been nominated for nearly five awards as Christmas approaches.

Nyce’s podcast “Mouthin’ Out” was started this year and has not seen anything short of success.

Rich Dunk (left) + Adrian Nyce (right)

Mouthin’ Out has over seven hundred episodes featuring well-known artists like Chico Bean, Renni Rucci, and Armani Ceasar.

Mouthin’ Out received nominations like Podcast of The Year and Personality of The Yeard from The SEA Awards, The Queen City Awards, The Whole 9 Awards, and The Atlanta Fashion & Hip Hop Awards.

Mouthin’ Out says they hope the nominations will help them “gain recognition on another level!”

Fans and supporters of Adrian Nyce and Mouthin’ Out can vote here.

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