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The BTTV Music Review Is In...

The dynamic southern duo, S.A.E., has, again, dropped heat on listeners with their latest release, "MILLIONS."

"MILLIONS" showcases what these two Mississippi artists strive to do as they evolve in the music game. The duo focuses on melodic flows, emphasizing where they have come from, which chase dreams much more prominent than Mississippi. You hear how both artists express the pain of living where war, drugs, and gang life were the only way to feel accepted through the song. As K.P. enters the track on the second verse, he paints a picture through fun wordplay about his morals, being a family man, and how hard it has been to provide for those he loves. R.S.K gives listeners a glimpse into his mental space as he faced toxic environments and a crazy where "you can't trust the visual." These two artists are "craving the millions" to make better lives for themselves and their loved ones. Though the road for them is tough, they use their skills in rap to tell their stories. These are the stories that need to be told, and S.A.E. is willing to "get it by any means." "MILLIONS" is how S.A.E will put Mississippi on the map.

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