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The BTTV Music Review Is In...

Phly puts on for the southside of Chi-town with his latest project, "Outta Here." This six-song EP looks at how Phly lives as a motivated bar spitter.

The project opens with "Keep Moving," a track that sets the tone for the rest of the project. This joint tells listeners that Phly is only on a mission to chase the bag. His dreams are the project's main focus, and you hear it all through this first track. Phly has a profound and innovative rap style. He uses his voice to his advantage to create next-level adlibs and sound effects while he rides each beat. "If You Tried" suggests that Phly is unbreakable when it comes to chasing his dreams. He is determined to be the next generation of Hip Hop. "Wit Me" emphasizes the authentic relationships in Phly's life. In that track, Phly makes it known that he maintains solid bonds with his day ones. Phly works hard to perfect the craft of rapping as you hear his fun wordplay and speed versatility on each track. Phly slows it down for "Hold Me Down" but did not fail to bring the energy back up as the EP comes to a close.

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