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The BTTV Music Review Is In...

By pushing a message of positivity, K.H.A.O.$ and Naafie come together through lyricism on "World Is Ours." "World Is Ours" highlights what going the extra mile can do for individuals on a path meant for greatness. K.H.A.O.$ raps about following the opportunities to keep his dreams as the next big presence in Hip Hop. The verse explores K.H.A.O.$ and his story of overcoming hardships and adversity in his career.

Naafie uses his lyrics to inspire others by telling the truths of finding his purpose in music. The verse refers to healing, wisdom, and self-motivation while pursuing any goal or aspiration as a creative.

This classic yet innovative style of boom-bap Hip Hop emphasizes a message of "you a bigger than your situations."

This track is also a nod to overcoming oppression and becoming your own person in the ever-changing world.

"World Is Ours" is a truly timeless piece of art.

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